Equal Opportunity & Access

WIU's Equal Opportunity and Access Internship Program


The program’s purpose is to enhance the University’s Equal Opportunity and Access program by increasing the pool of qualified women and minorities for administrative positions. The program provides women and minority employees with an opportunity to develop and increase administrative skills in an area of their interest. The program is not intended to guarantee a change in employment or salary status when the internship period ends.


Employees are offered the opportunity to work on a temporary released-time basis under the direction of an appropriate administrative mentor. These internships are typically either half-time for a full academic year or full-time for one semester. Administrative interns observe and participate in many of the University’s administrative decision-making processes during the internship experience. Interns and mentors also define a specific project to focus the administrative experience.

All continuing employees are eligible to apply. Past experience has shown that selection and placement through the program can enhance the competitiveness of interns who apply for administrative positions.

Typically, applicants possess at least a bachelor's degree.

 A complete application for the Administrative Internship Program includes:

    1. A statement of application, which includes your response to the following questions:

  • Describe the general nature of your interest in higher education administration and outline your short and long term career goals.
  • List the skills, experience and educational training required to achieve your career goals and aspirations. Which of these do you feel you presently possess? Which of these do you need to acquire and/or enhance?
  • Please identify at least two individuals you feel would serve as appropriate administrative mentors for your internship. (You should speak with these individuals as to their willingness to serve as a mentor before listing them.) Provide an explanation for each of your choices.

    2. an outline of the substantive project you hope to complete working with each of your potential mentors;

    3. a current resume;

    4. a letter of support from your current supervisor;

    5. The names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of two individuals other than your current supervisor.


Please upload the requested documents by navigating to the WIU Employment page at the following URL: http://wiu.interviewexchange.com/jobofferdetails.jsp?JOBID=48557   .

Additional Internship Information

For additional information and assistance in completing the application process, contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access, Sherman Hall 203, (309)298-1977.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis each cycle, with the deadline of the last Friday in February of each year.

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