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How Can Faculty include Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Issues and Concerns into the Curriculum?

This page contains links to several periodical articles (complete text), excerpts from articles, and abstracts of periodical articles. This reference material is posted here for the express purpose of exposing WIU faculty and staff to new and different ideas and literary works related to gay and lesbian issues in the higher education curriculum. The UCOSOGIE welcomes your feedback.

Most of these articles pertain to college-level environments, but a few speak to secondary school educators. We have included these resources because we believe their fundamental ideas can be easily translated to a college setting.

Some of these articles seemingly speak to a narrow audience (Social Work, Literature, Journalism) but are actually interdisciplinary in nature. We encourage you to review all literary works and consider how you might incorporate discipline-specific ideas into your field of study.

Please note that references are cited in text but bibliographies/reference lists are not included. If interested in a particular citation, we encourage you to seek out the work in the WIU library.

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