Equal Opportunity & Access

The Library: Print-Ready Handouts, Exercises, Activities, and Lesson Plans for Educators and Allies to Use in Classrooms and Educational Presentations

WIU's University committee on Sexual Orientation Gender Identity and Expression is proud to offer the following materials for you to use in the classroom, anti-homophobia educational sessions, or gay/lesbian/bisexual sensitivity/awareness presentations. To keep these documents "printer friendly", we've made them graphic-light and text-heavy. Donations of educational materials are welcome. Send hardcopy to Don Bowen, Assistant Equal Opportunity Officer, Western Illinois University, 1 University Circle, Macomb, IL 61455 or email to DE-Bowen@wiu.edu .


Guided Imagery: "An Average Day"

Guided Imagery: "Journey Through Life"

Guided Imagery: "A World Turned Upside Down"

Homophobia: Large Group Discussion

What is Homosexuality? Small and Large Group Discussion

Developmental Issues

Coming Out

Developmental Issues of GLB Students

Obstacles to a Positive GLB Identity

Ally Development

What Can an Ally Do?

Ally Do's and Don'ts

Qualities of an Ally

Attitude Continuum

Ways for People in Helping Professions to Interact Positively with GLB Students

Suggestions for Working with GLB Students


Riddle Homophobia Scale

Scenarios: Everyday Examples of Homophobia

Uncovering the Truths from Behind the Myths