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Council for International Education

Mission Statement:

The Council for International Education (CIE) serves as the Western Illinois University Faculty Senate’s representative body to assist undergraduate students, faculty, and administration in attaining a credible international education environment that fosters the understanding, knowledge, and skills necessary for life within a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.

Approval Procedures (New or Revised International Education Undergraduate Courses and Curricula):

  • This Council is an intermediate step in the university approval process for new or revised international education undergraduate courses, or curricula. As such, the Council considers only such matters that pertain to international education.
  • This Council does not circumvent the Council on Curricular Programs and Instruction (CCPI) requirements or the Council on General Education (CGE).

Any party requesting international education status for new or revised undergraduate courses or curricula must submit their documents to this Council. This Council will examine the documents ONLY to determine if the requirements for international education are met.

For approval, the Council must be provided with 12 copies (uncollated if more than one document is submitted per request) of all course or curricula originations or modifications. The documents will be placed before the Council for review by sending the copies to the Faculty Senate Office, Stipes Hall #323.A simple majority of voting members present at the meeting will determine whether or not a document is to be recommended for approval or rejected.

Meetings, Spring 2015: CIE meets at 3:00 pm on Wednesdays in the Horrabin Hall 60, except for the January 28 meeting which will be held in Horrabin Hall Room 23

  • January 28 -- Horrabin Hall 23
  • February 11 -- Horrabin Hall 60
  • February 25 -- Horrabin Hall 60
  • March 11 -- Horrabin Hall 60 -- Cancelled
  • March 25-- Horrabin Hall 60
  • April 8 -- Horrabin Hall 60
  • April 22 -- Horrbin Hall 60
  • May 6 -- Horrabin Hall 60 -- Cancelled

 FLGI Forms:

Discipline-Specific Global Issues Request

General Education Global Issues Request

Department/Program Plan for Meeting FLGI Requirement

Short-Term Study Abroad Global Issues Request


CIE consists of thirteen members (eleven voting) including nine faculty members (two from each college and one from the library) appointed by the Faculty Senate, two students (one study abroad student and one international student), and two ex-officio members from the Center of International Studies. Faculty appointments are for three years. Preference will be given to faculty and students with international education experience.

Members, 2014-2015:

  • Chandra Amaravadi, Computer Sciences
  • Rick Carter, Center for International Studies (ex-officio member)
  • Minsun Doh, Recreation, Park, and Tourism
  • Fetene Gebrewold, Health Sciences and Social Work
  • Emily Gorlewski, Center for International Studies (ex-officio member)
  • Jeff Hancks, University Libraries
  • Doug Huff, Music
  • Richard Hughey, Music Administration
  • Gary Schmidt, Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Yong Tang, English and Journalism
  • Marloes Van Eijkelenburg, International Student Rep 
  • Bhavneet Walia (chair)

Annual Reports: