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Committee on FYE Classes

The Committee on FYE Classes is a Faculty Senate appointed committee and those serving in this role help advise and make decisions about the WIU FYE courses (UNIV 100 & FYE Y courses).  This committee meets once a month.

Members of the 2018-2019 FYE Committee on Classes

  • TBD, Associate Provost
  • Lori Baker-Sperry, FYE Faculty Associate
  • Amanda Dermer, FYE Graduate Assistant
  • Audrey Adamson, Quad Cities Representative
  • Jessica Butcher, Student Services
  • Tom Cody, Educational Studies
  • Magdelyn Helwig, Writing Program Representative
  • Kyle Mayborn, Associate Dean, CAS
  • Renee Simpson, Advisor Council Representative
  • Edmund Asare, Foreign Languages and Literatures (2019)
  • Julie Cox, Speech, Pathology, and Audiology (2019)
  • Brian Locke, Music (2019)
  • Zheng Li, Computer Science (2020)
  • Joyce Runquist, Engineering Technology (2020)
  • Craig Tollini, Sociology and Anthropology (2020)
  • Brian Powell, Mathematics & Philosophy (2021)
  • Denise Gravitt, Engineering Technology (2021)
  • Wanmo Koo, Management and Marketing (2021)
  • Ricky Sepulveda-Rodriguez, Music (2021)


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