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FYE Leadership Committee

The First Year Experience Vision at WIU is comprehensive to ensure first year students make a successful transition to college.  To help ensure that all aspects of a first year student’s life are taken into account, WIU has an FYE Leadership Committee which is an advisory and decision making body in regard to all aspects of FYE.  A holistic representation of individuals who work with first year students meet once a month to help with all matters of the First Year Experience Program.  

In addition to meeting once a month, all members of the FYE Leadership Committee serve on various committees to help serve the FYE population at WIU.  The FYE Subcommittees include:  student services/housing peer mentor, course staff identification, course staff training, activities, promotions/branding, and assessment.  

Members of the 2017-2018 FYE Leadership Team

  • Mark Mossman (Interim Associate Provost Undergraduate and Graduate Studies)
  • Lori Baker-Sperry (FYE Faculty Associate)
  • Amanda Dermer (FYE Graduate Assistant)
  • Audrey Adamson (Assistant Director, Student Services QC)
  • Jessica Butcher (Assistant to the Vice President, Student Services) 
  • Sean Cordes (Professor, Malpass Library)
  • Ana Diaz (Counselor, University Counseling Center)
  • Drew Donahoo (Associate Director, Admissions)
  • Zach Franklin (Detective, Office of Public Safety)
  • Michelle Janisz (Director, Office of Student Activities)
  • Pete Jorgensen (Chair, Department of Communication)
  • Sam Klingler (Specialist, BEU)
  • Casey LaFrance (Associate Professor, Political Science)
  • Sue Martinelli-Fernandez (Dean, College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Lisa Melz-Jennings (Academic Success Coach, UAASC)
  • Mishelle Oaks (Director, Residence Life, UHDS)
  • Jim Rabchuk (Assistant Dean, Arts & Sciences QC)
  • Jeremy Robinett (Assistant Professor, RPTA)
  • Roger Runquist (Director, CITR)
  • Justin Schuch (Assistant Director, Residential Life, UHSS)
  • Dustin Van Sloten (Assistant Director, Campus Rec)
  • Michelle Yager (Director, UAASC)


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