Higher Values in Higher Education

FYE Classes

All First Year Experience students must take and pass two FYE courses:

  1. UNIV 100, and 
  2. a pre-professional or General Education course (sometimes referred to as an "FYE Y" course). 

First Year Experience students will learn how to successfully transition to the university and discuss how to live well as a student (physically, intellectually, socially/civically and emotionally) in UNIV 100.  FYE Y courses will connect the material being learned in UNIV 100 to the topics covered in their pre-professional or department specific Y classes so that students are not only learning the material for how to transition (UNIV 100) but also have an environment where they can apply these tools for success (Y course). 

If we can help students learn to live well as a student and be successful in their first semester they should be able to transfer those skills to their other academic courses in their first semester and beyond.  


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