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Residence Halls & Student Services

Residence Halls

All first year students live together in Bayliss-Henninger  and/or Tanner Halls as part of the FYE program.  The residence halls provide programming during the first 6-8 weeks of the semester for first year students to help them transition.  These programs could be on a variety of topics which may include relationships, alcohol, financial wellness, time management, study skills, etc. 

As part of the First Year Experience, WIU students have the opportunity to live on a floor with other students who share the same interests or major. 

Students can choose from the following Living-Learning Communities: 
  • Fine Arts
    Learn outside the classroom with opportunities to attend Art openings, films, theatre performances & other visual arts events (painting, sculpture, drawing, etc.) both on and off campus. Take advantage of access to studio space with easels and drafting/work tables. Residents show their Western pride with large participation in homecoming, marching band, and other campus activities. Residents support each other by attending attending plays, concerts, or participating in Open Mic Nights.
  • Broadcasting & Journalism
    Are you majoring in Broadcasting? This community gives Broadcasting students the opportunity to study together, work collaboratively on projects, and learn from one another. Participate in field trips designed just for you and take advantage of the digitizing equipment available in the commons area to help you complete class assignments. This community helps you achieve your goals as a student and prepare for a career in Broadcasting.
  • Honors
    Make friends, share experiences, and pursue your academics interests and responsibilities. Live with others who support and encourage you, but also challenge you to do your best academically. While academics is the main focus of the floor environment, residents hang out together on a frequent basis and are eager to attend programs and get involved. Annual events throughout the year offer students the opportunity to socialize and get to know faculty in the honors college as well as residence hall staff.
  • Pathways
    Explore your passions, identify your interests and figure out which career and major path is right for you. Choosing a major and career path is a big step and this community gives students the opportunity to be challenged together through various programs to help them discover which pathway is right for them.
  • Women in Science
    Immerse yourself in science by joining the WIU Women in Science Living Learning Community (LLC). You will live in a residence hall with other math and science majors and participate in special activities and mentoring to foster your career in math or science. The Women in Science Living Learning Community is for incoming freshmen with a major in math or science. Upper-class women math and science majors will serve as peer mentors for the LLC. Interactions with science faculty and upper class science majors will help get you involved in the scientific community of Western Illinois University.
  • Bio-Life
    Bio-Life provides students with a living-learning community for biology majors. This will give you a great opportunity for networking, studying and hanging out with friends who are taking the same major classes. Also, you will be with fellow students who have a passion and interest for the sciences, participate in departmental and student driven activities, and grow and develop together as you prepare for a career in biology or biology-related professional disciplines.
  • CLASS (Community of Liberal Arts and Sciences Students)
    Are you a poet, a filmmaker, a philosopher, a writer? A lover of language? Do you want to make history? Do you want your education to become an opportunity to transform yourself and the world, to read the great books, and perhaps write one yourself some day? CLASS, the Community of Liberal Arts and Sciences Students, is a living and learning community designed to help students explore the great diversity found in human thought and cultural perspectives. In this community you will meet world-renowned poets, novelists, linguists, historians, scholars, and philosophers. You will find mentors and fellowship and engage in life-changing conversations with faculty and students in your major and other disciplines. Are you curious? If so, then CLASS is the place for you!

Student Services

There are a variety of activities on the campus of Western Illinois University for undergraduate students to choose from.  Some of these include:  student organizations, campus rec, intramural sports, University Union Board, just to name a few. 

View a list of the registered student organizations on the campus of Western Illinois University.



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