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What is First Year Experience?

Our Mission & Goals

The purpose of the First Year Experience program at Western Illinois University is to help first year students make a successful transition to college from their previous educational or life experience.  The First Year Experience program is a comprehensive program that aligns classroom activities and campus life to affect a greater impact on the learning and growth of new students through emphasizing how to live “well” so that students can succeed physically, emotionally, socially/civically and intellectually.  Furthermore, the program will help students build meaningful connections with a variety of individuals from both the Western and Macomb communities. 

Through participation in the First Year Experience, the university has the following primary goals for students:

  • Goal 1: Be aware of resources and policies, including how to access them and what they are, in order to succeed and use them when appropriate for success.
  • Goal 2: Demonstrate the acquisition of skills for academic achievement.
  • Goal 3: Continue building supportive academic, emotional, and social support networks.
  • Goal 4: Engage in and demonstrate respectful and appropriate interactions within their communities.
  • Goal 5: Explore their values, experiences, and beliefs to begin developing a sense of self.
  • Goal 6: Demonstrate a desire and interest in continuing their education

Model of WIU’s FYE Program

There are three components to the WIU FYE program:  the FYE UNIV 100 & Y courses, Academic Advisors & Building Connections Mentors and Student Services & Residence Halls.  These three areas intersect with the life of a first year student thus these are the core group of individuals on campus who become a first year student’s team of success helping the first year student across all areas of his/her first year on campus.  

Who is an FYE student?

Any student who enters Western Illinois University with less than 24 hours of credit is considered a First Year Experience student. 


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