International Student Activities

Pickup Request 

The Center for International Studies staff offers new international students a pickup service during the orientation week from the Quad Cities International Airport (code: MLI) or the Macomb train station via Amtrak.

To use the pickup service, arrange your travel plans to arrive during the pickup period (for exact dates, see below), and welcomethen submit the pickup request form below.  You will receive a confirmation email and one of our staff or volunteers will be there to meet you and bring you to campus. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you arrive before or after the scheduled pickup period, we cannot provide you with transportation. Also, we are not allowed to transport anyone other than WIU students in university vehicles. If you are traveling with family or friends who will not be students, please contact us and we can help you find other transportation arrangements.


Spring 2019 Orientation Pickup Dates: 

Sunday, January 6 - Tuesday, January 8

Complete your pickup request.

If your travel plans change (for example, the train is cancelled or you do not get on the train), please email us at