Global Education & Outreach

Course Development & Evaluations for Online Courses

Western Illinois University's online learning initiative seeks to further improve the quality of learning and the learning experience for students, as well as to facilitate the teaching process for faculty.

WIU provides a series of course offerings for students using pedagogical best practices and transformation of education using information technology.

Development Process

It is important to accommodate the needs of all our students, whether they are traditional students at our Macomb and Quad Cities campuses, at an off-site location in Illinois or taking online courses from the comforts of home. By providing courses online, we are able to extend educational opportunities to those individuals who may not be able to attend a class on campus.

Faculty participates in the Best Practices in Teaching Online (BPTO) course to better prepare them to create and teach online courses. The online course is managed by Western Illinois University’s Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research (CITR)

For help with online instructional design or instructional technologies, contact:

The competitive online course development process is suspended until further notice.

Online Course Evaluations

WIU is dedicated to creating excellent distance education courses. Course evaluations play an important role in evaluating the effectiveness of teaching and the success of the course. They also provide an opportunity for students to give direct feedback to their instructors regarding courses. Course evaluation results are used by faculty to improve teaching, and they are also a significant component in the promotion and tenure process.

Online Course Evaluation Survey Process

Access to the Online Course Evaluation ( ) can be found at the following locations:

For Faculty

On WesternOnline-- --under "Faculty Tools" select the Online Course Evaluation Site

Instructions regarding instructor and student access and how to create a link to the online course evaluation tool in courses that have been migrated to Desire2Learn. [ View/Download Instructions ]

These will ensure that students, professors, and chairs may easily locate the application when needed.

For Students

On the first page after you log into WesternOnline under the "Student Resources"  pane on the left side, the last bullet in this section is called WIU's Online Course Evaluation Tool.

The default department date range for release of the online course evaluation tool to students runs from 80% of the semester to the last day of finals week. 

This also applies to 4-week, 6-week, and 8-week summer courses too. A department chairperson is the only person who has authority to revise a course's default date in the assigned department should the need arise. Instructors can set the dates during which the course evaluation will be accessible to students.

The dates must fall within the department-specified dated range.

It is the responsibility of the department and/or the instructor to notify students of the availability of the online course evaluation tool.

Evaluation Results

Only department chairpersons have access to the evaluation results.


The online course evaluation system uses current technology security measures to ensure the security of the data, the anonymity of the participants, and the confidentiality of the results, in accordance with FERPA and institutional standards.

If you have any questions, contact:

Dr. Jeffrey Hancks, Executive Director
School of Global Education and Outreach
Phone: (309) 298-1929