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Department of Art (2002-2003)

Department Chairperson: Edmond W. Gettinger
Department Office: Garwood Hall 32
Department Telephone: 309/298-1549 Fax: 309/298-2605
WWW Address:

Graduate Faculty

  • Professors
    • Donald E. Crouch, M.F.A., State University of Iowa
    • Edmond W. Gettinger, M.F.A., Wichita State University

Associate Graduate Faculty

  • Assistant Professor
  • Mary L. Gill, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin–Madison

Course Descriptions

438G Art in Secondary Education. (3, repeatable to 9) Reading, research, discussion, and evaluation of high school art curricula, with a focus on the needs of the students. Prerequisite: ART 339.

460G Art in Elementary Education. (3, repeatable to 9) Curricula and trends in visual perception related to a concern for the interaction of teacher, student, and society. Prerequisite: ART 360, or equivalent and EIS 201.

461G Arts and Crafts for Special Education. (3) A course designed to acquaint the teacher or counselor with the theory and practice of presenting art and crafts experiences that are therapeutically and/or educationally applicable to the physically, mentally, and emotionally disabled.

485G Research in Art History. (3, repeatable to 9) An intensive study of a special area of art history selected with the instructor. Prerequisite: Written permission of the instructor.

These courses in art history are designed to give students an opportunity for specialized study in specific areas of the history of art. Such courses may deal with a significant artist and his/her times, with a significant movement, or with significant developments in the history of art. Material covered may not be the same each time the course is offered. Instructors are assigned on the basis of their specialized knowledge, and enrollment is limited since the courses are conducted as seminars. These courses are repeatable, but with permission of the instructor to prevent duplication of coverage. Prerequisite: Upper division standing and permission of the instructor.

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