Graduate Studies

Health Services Administration 2014-2015

Gainful employment information

Interim Chairperson: Lorette S. Oden
Graduate Committee Chairperson: Susan Masden Moore
Office: Stipes Hall 402
Telephone: (309) 298-1076
Location of Program Offering: Macomb, Quad Cities

Program Description

The certificate program will provide and/or substitute course work needed for professionals in health services administration.  The focus of the program is to provide students with a basic knowledge of health services organizational behavior and leadership, administration and management, legal aspects of health administration, and U.S. health policy.

Certificate Requirements

HSM 514 Health Services Administration: 3 s.h.
HSM 515 Legal Aspects of Health Services Management: 3 s.h.
HSM 516 Introduction to U.S. Health Policy: 3 s.h.
HSM 517 Health Services Organization Behavior and Leadership: 3 s.h.

TOTAL: 12 s.h.

Course Descriptions

Health Services Management (HSM)

514 Health Service Administration. (3) Overview of the U.S. health system and its structure and functions. Discusses the interface between public health and health care, delivery structures, workforce issues, health resources, health services, financing, meeting needs of special populations, global health, and critical issues in health services. Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor.

515 Legal Aspects of Health Services Management.  (3) The course offers a practical and comprehensive examination of U.S. healthcare laws and improves the understanding of complex workings and legal principles of the healthcare system by analyzing and applying laws to interpret and develop management policies and procedures.

516 Introduction to Health Policy.  (3) The course equips health professionals with a working knowledge of health policy formulation, implementation and evaluation. It applies health policy analysis, examines current issues, and compares health systems in various countries on health policy concepts, issues, practices and consequences. 

517 Health Services Organizational Behavior and Leadership. (3) Provides an overview of the principles of organization behavior including the management of individuals, teams, and organizations with special emphasis on leadership, and introduces the skills and capabilities of professional managers essential for all health services management positions.