Graduate Studies

Instructional Design and Technology 2014-2015

Please refer to the Instructional Design and Technology graduate program section for information including departmental contact information, a list of graduate faculty members, program description, and course descriptions. Please refer to the undergraduate catalog for information regarding the Instructional Design and Technology bachelor’s program.

Requirements for Enrollment

Admission into the integrated program in Instructional Design and Technology requires a minimum of an overall GPA of 3.25 and a major GPA of 3.25. Applicants must submit:

  • A current grade transcript that includes cumulative GPA and GPA in the IDT major
  • Three letters of recommendation, two of which must come from IDT faculty
  • An essay that includes academic goals, career plans upon completion of the program, perceived motivations, and attributes and abilities that will lead to success in the program

Integrated Degree Program Description

Students in the integrated program are allowed to use nine semester hours to satisfy both the Bachelor of Science degree and the Master of Science degree in Instructional Design and Technology. Three of the following courses can be used: IDT 433B, IDT 460B, IDT 480B, IDT 500B, IDT 505B, IDT 512B, IDT 516B, IDT 525B, IDT 530B, IDT 535B, IDT 536B, IDT 538B, IDT 560B, and EIS 500B. If taken after the undergraduate degree has been completed, the courses should not be taken with the “B” designator.

Integrated Degree Program Requirements

I. Core Courses: 11 s.h.

IDT 500/500B Preseminar (2)
IDT 505/505B Foundations of Instructional Technology (3)
IDT 510 Principles of Instructional Design (3)
EIS 500/500B Research Methods (3)

II. Directed Electives (General Instructional Design and Technology Emphasis only): 15 s.h.

IDT 433G/B Instructional 3D Modeling and Animation (3)
IDT 460G/B Instructional Virtual Reality Design (3)
IDT 480G/B Advanced Web-Based Instruction (3)
IDT 503 Microcomputer Applications in Instructional Technology (3)
IDT 504 Technology Applications for the Classroom Teacher (3)
IDT 512/512B Instructional Development for Business and Training (3)
IDT 515 Telecommunications and Distance Learning (3)
IDT 516/516B Internet Resources for Education and Training (3)
IDT 517 Classroom Integration of the Internet and Multimedia (3)
IDT 522 Computers as Critical Thinking Tools (3)
IDT 525/525B Grant Writing Basics (3)
IDT 529 Integration of Computer-Based Technology in Schools (3)
IDT 530/530B Graphics Applications in Education and Training (3)
IDT 532 Fundamentals of Performance Technology for Instructional Designers and Technologists (3)
IDT 534 Technology Issues and Professional Development for Educators (3)
IDT 535/535B Photographic Applications in Education and Training (3)
IDT 536/536B Video Production for Multimedia (3)
IDT 537 Instructional Video Production (3)
IDT 538/538B Imaging Technology (3)
IDT 539 Hardware, Operating Systems, and Networking in the Schools (3)
IDT 540 Interactive Multimedia Development (3)
IDT 541 Advanced Interactive Multimedia Development (3)
IDT 545 Instructional Web Development (3)
IDT 550 Advanced Interactive Multimedia Development (3)
IDT 560/560B Visual Literacy (3)
IDT 561 Instructional Simulations and Gaming (3)
IDT 565 Management of Instructional Technology (3)
IDT 591 Independent Study (1–3, repeatable to 3)
IDT 595 Technology Planning and Research (3)
IDT 601 Seminar in Instructional Technology (2)
IDT 620 Instructional Design and Technology Internship (4)

III. General Electives: 3 s.h.

Students may choose from among courses in the IDT program or from other departments’ offerings to augment and enhance their program objectives and employment opportunities.

IV. Select one of the following exit options:

A.Research Plan

IDT 600 Applied Project (3)
IDT 605 Thesis (3)


B. Course Work

IDT 603 Graduate Portfolio (0)
General Electives (6)