Graduate Studies

Museum Studies 2014-2015

Please refer to the Museum Studies graduate program section in this catalog for information including departmental contact information, list of graduate faculty members, program description, and course descriptions. Please refer to the undergraduate catalog for information regarding Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration bachelor’s program.

Requirements for Enrollment

Admission into the integrated program from the Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration undergraduate major requires a minimum of an overall GPA and a major GPA of 3.25. Additionally, students will submit a personal goal statement and three letters of recommendation with the Museum Studies master’s program application.

Integrated Degree Program Description

The RPTA/Museum Studies integrated degree program is an interdisciplinary curriculum designed to prepare students for careers in cultural recreation and museum work. Students in the integrated program are allowed to use nine semester hours to satisfy both the Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Park and Tourism and the Master of Arts in Museum Studies.

Integrated Degree Requirements

Students in the integrated program are allowed to use nine semester hours of B-level courses in the Museum Studies and RPTA programs. Students are required to take MST/RPTA 500B and RPTA 424G/B and may select one of the following directed electives: RPTA 448G/B, RPTA 460G/B, or RPTA 467G/B.

I. Core Courses: 22 s.h.

MST 500B Introduction to Museums: Purpose, Function and History (3)
MST 501 Museum Administration (3)
MST 502 Museum Exhibition (3)
MST 503 Museum Collections Management (3)
MST 515 Introduction to Museum Education (3)
MST 600 Internship and Special Project (4)
MST 601 Workshops in Museum Studies (0)
MST 602 Graduate Portfolio (0)
RPTA 424G/B Fundraising and Volunteerism in Leisure Services (3)

II. Directed Electives: 12 s.h.

ART 485G Research in Art History (3, repeatable to 9)
ART 496G History of Contemporary Art (3)
MST 520 Independent Study in Museum Education (1-3, repeatable to 3)
MST 560 Practicum in Museums (1-3, repeatable to 3)
MST 599 Special Topics in Museum Studies (1-3, repeatable under different topics)
RPTA 448G/B Interpretation of Cultural and Environmental Resources (3)
RPTA 460G/B Community Tourism Development (3)
RPTA 467G/B Special Event Planning and Management (3)