Graduate Studies

Department of Broadcasting and Journalism

Some academic departments, colleges and other areas do not provide a major at the graduate level. However, these areas do offer courses for graduate credit. Permission to use these courses in a degree program must be obtained from the appropriate Departmental Graduate Committee.

Chairperson:  William “Buzz” Hoon
Office:  Sallee Hall 306
Telephone: (309) 298-1098

Graduate Faculty

  • Roger Sadler, Ph.D., Indiana University-Bloomington

Associate Professor

  • William “Buzz” Hoon, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Associate Graduate Faculty
Assistant Professor

  • Eun Go, Ph.D., Penn State University
  • Michael Murray, M.A., Western Illinois University
  • Yong Tang, Ph.D., Penn State University

Course Descriptions

Broadcasting (BC)

499G Field Work in Broadcasting. (3) Supervised applied experience in a sports organization or news broadcasting organization. Prerequisites: BC 315 or 350 or 426; ENG 180 and 280; or permission of the instructor.

Journalism (JOUR)

410G International Communication and the Foreign Press. (3) Comparative study of journalism practices, and of the mass media in representative countries; factors that determine the international flow of news.

412G Problems in Contemporary Mass Communications. (3) Research into current social, economic, and professional problems affecting the mass media.

415G Mass Communications Research Methods. (3) Introduction to questionnaire construction, sampling, research design, and statistical methods used in mass communications research, including those in advertising and public relations.

417G Law of Mass Communications. (3) Study of legal rights of and constraints on mass media: prior restraint, publicity control, source protection, libel, privacy invasion, and other relevant legal issues.

425G Directed Study. (1–6, repeatable to 6) Opportunity for promising students of journalism to pursue journalism and mass communications material in depth.

436G International Public Relations. (3) Comparative study of the nature, scope, and practice of international public relations for businesses, trade associations, nonprofit organizations, educational, and governmental institutions. Global and intercultural aspects of public relations will be emphasized. Also a Foreign Language/Global issues course. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.