Graduate Studies

Student Process for Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Completion

  • Student inquires about certificate program.
  • Information is sent by the department and graduate school.
  • Student applies as nondegree graduate student pursuing a certificate.
  • Graduate Office verifies that student meets admission requirements of nondegree graduate student.
  • If student is already accepted to the University (previously or currently enrolled) and wishes to pursue a certificate, the student must apply to the certificate program through the Graduate Office by phone, email, or form.
  • Graduate Office sends accept letter and specific certificate requirements to the student with copy to department.
  • Student applies for certificate completion by March 10 (for spring semester), June 10 (for summer term), or October 10 (for fall semester)..
  • Graduate Office clears student for certificate completion.
  • Certificate mailed to student by Graduate Office; transcript mailed to student by Registrar's Office.