Graduate Studies

Reminders to Assistantship Personnel

If you are a graduate/research/teaching assistant who will be receiving a final paycheck on June 1, please be sure to leave your bank account open until after that day in order to receive the direct deposit payment. Should you have any questions concerning your direct deposit payment, please contact the Payroll Office at (309) 298-1867.

If you are an international student who will be leaving the country and closing the bank account before June 1, you must contact Ms. Sandy Blue ( or 298-1867) by May 15 to make other arrangements for receiving your final payment.

Also, be sure to return to the Office of Public Safety (Mowbray Hall) any department keys issued to you in relation to the assistantship position. You must return keys by May 15 in order to avoid a $50 per key deduction from your final paycheck. If you have any questions concerning keys, please contact Ms. Tammy Thomas at or 298-1949.

All other assistantship questions may be directed to the Graduate School at or (309) 298-1806.