Graduate Studies

New Graduate Assistants - Ethics Training Requirement

New Graduate/Research/Teaching Assistants:

The State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (5 ILCS 430/5-10) requires new employees to complete ethics training within 30 days of their begin date. Please refer to your assistantship contract to determine your begin date. You have been identified as a new graduate/research/teaching assistant who has not yet submitted the signature sheet verifying that you have completed the required ethics training. Please read the ethics training document (, print the last page of the document (the signature sheet), complete the signature sheet, and submit it to the Office of Vice President for Administrative Services, 1 University Circle, Sherman Hall 200, Macomb IL 61455.

All employees of the University are required, due to Illinois state law, to complete an annual online ethics training which occurs during the fall semester. If you are employed as a graduate assistant in the fall semester, you will receive notification and will be required to complete the online training in addition to the paper ethics training you must complete now within 30 days of hire.

Should you have any questions concerning your assistantship, please feel free to contact the Graduate School at (309) 298-1806 or If you have questions concerning the Ethics Training for New Hires, please contact Danette Phelps, WIU Ethics Training Administrator at (309) 298-1800.