Graduate Studies

Assistantship Positions

Please note: Assistantship positions are intended to complement the student’s program of study and a rationale may be required from the hiring department if the two are not clearly connected. Also, positions listed below may have already been filled. It is the student's responsibility to verify availability with the hiring departments. Should a student wish to have the assistantship application materials on file in the Graduate School sent to a department outside of their academic program, they must submit the request form (

Graduate Assistant,
Department of Educational Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies

Description - The Department of Educational Leadership is seeking a graduate student to assist faculty located in the Quad Cities.   This position will be a four month assistantship starting January 20, 2015 and ending May 15, 2015.  The GA position will receive a full tuition waiver and a $943/month stipend.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assist in preparing articles, reports, and presentations
  • Performs routine clerical duties as instructed
  • Meets regularly with faculty to discuss related assignments
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Meets all requirements for graduate assistantship as defined by the School of Graduate Studies (
  • Familiarity with public education in the United States
  • Excellent written communications skills
  • Strong computer skills with Microsoft Office Suite,  Internet, and electronic communications
  • Significant knowledge and experience using  APA Style
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills for meeting deadlines and accomplishing work in a timely manner
  • Strong interpersonal and oral communication skills

To apply, please submit a resume with a cover letter to: Angie Louden at

Additionally, all graduate assistants must have a personal statement, 3 letters of recommendation, and a graduate assistantship application ( on file with the School of Graduate Studies prior to hiring.

Please request that these documents be sent to Angie Louden as well, using the following form:

Screening of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled.

Graduate Assistantship - Curriculum and Instruction Department

Two graduate assistantships are available in the Curriculum and Instruction Department for a period beginning January 20, 2015 and ending May 15, 2015. 

One position will be available at the Macomb campus and one position will be at the QC campus.  The assistantship is 20 hour per week with a current salary of $943 per month.  Graduate assistant work assignments in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction consist primarily, but are not limited to, the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Technical/support
  • Classroom support activities for faculty (e.g., grading, proctoring, etc.)
  • Clerical assistance (e.g., answering phones; filing; letter writing, etc.)

Eligibility Requirements

Students must meet all of the conditions listed below in order to hold an assistantship position:

1. Must have a graduate assistantship application, personal statement of goals, and three letters of recommendation on file in the Graduate School.
2. Must be a degree-seeking graduate student regularly accepted into the Curriculum and Instruction Department’s master’s program. Probationary students, non-degree students, and second bachelor’s degree students are not eligible to hold assistantship positions.
3. Must have a graduate GPA of at least 3.0 if graduate courses have been completed at the time the contract is initiated.
4. Must be enrolled in at least nine semester hours of graduate coursework or undergraduate deficiencies if holding a graduate or research assistant position for fall/spring; or at least six semester hours if holding a teaching assistant position for fall/spring; or three semester hours for summer (any position). If it is the assistant's last semester of coursework (as verified by the degree plan), it is acceptable to be registered for only the remaining required courses.
5. Sign an assistantship contract and complete all required employment paperwork.

Students interested in this position should contact Christopher Switzer ( or call the Curriculum and Instruction department (298-1961).