Graduate Studies



Jaymee Lewis

Jaymee Lewis - College Student Personnel graduate alumna

"My assistantship is so closely connected to my graduate program that I am given hands-on practice towards becoming a better professional. It gives me the experience that I can speak to as I pursue my career post-graduation."


Miranda Clark

Miranda Clark - Communication Sciences and Disorders graduate alumna

"The faculty-student relationships at WIU appealed to me. The faculty at WIU respect me as an equal, as I will be their colleague in two short years. The faculty at WIU also want me to succeed and provide me with the tools and resources to do so."


Jane Schmidt

Jane Schmidt, 2014 Iowa Teacher of the Year - Special Education and Educational Leadership alumna

"I have completed two master's degrees at WIU. The top reasons I would give to attend WIU Grad School would include affordability, convenience, relevance, and most importantly - the quality of education. I found the price of credits to be within my budget and found the weekend classes to be convenient. The content of courses made me think critically about education and the qualities that make a good leader within a school district. There were many opportunities to work with other professionals who were pursuing the same degree, and the sharing of practices with others helped us to develop a vision for our own schools."


Brenley Devlin

Brenley Devlin - College Student Personnel alumna

“My graduate assistantship experiences allowed me to gain practical insight into my field of study. I interacted one-on-one with professionals and learn from their experiences, as well as my own. I was treated as a valuable partner in the learning environment and trusted to make decisions that truly made a difference to the students I was working with on campus. My supervisors were a great support; always encouraging me and helping me develop my own identity as a professional."


Janet Lombe

Janet Lombe - Law Enforcement and Justice Administration

"I love everything about my graduate program. There is an added bonus for me, too, because I get to take classes with practitioners in my field who bring new insights. It also helps that my professors are retired practitioners in my field so they know what it is they are teaching. I think that is the way to prepare for a career, by actually learning from people who have had experience doing what it is you want to spend the rest of your life doing."