Heather McMeekan, Webmaster

The Essential Checklist for Promoting Achievement, Expertise, Knowledge, & Resources

Turn an achievement into a legacy.WIU has provided many useful resources for faculty, staff, & students to promote their work. I developed this checklist to help make the process easier. - Heather McMeekan, MS

Tips on writing for the web - http://www.wiu.edu/vpaps/marketing/web_promotion_resources.php

First Steps - Pre-Preparation (Before Each Semester)

  • Google Yourself (Vanity Search)
    • Update outdated/inaccurate info
  • Check Your Directory Listing
  • Ensure the accuracy of the 'major' you teach in
  • Put your contact info in your email signature
  • Check your area's web pages for accurate info
    • Ask for a directory listing in departmental website, if not also a 'business card page'
  • Ensure your expertise is available for news agencies  (contact University Relations)
  • Get a website (Contact your department web rep)
    • Put a link to your blog, publications, website, etc.
    • Update it every 3-4 months at least
    • Make a short 'bio' page appropriate in a press kit
  • Get a professional photo taken & have downloadable 'print quality' version on your website (VPC)
  • Get a Facebook account (if you haven't already) but don't use your personal account for your professional "you." Instead, also make a Facebook page that is your professional persona. 
    • 'Like' WIU's account, your college account, your department...and the major or minors
      • Also Suggested - 'Class of' Pages, Admissions, Campus Rec, Student Groups
    • 'Like' all the professional organizations you are a member of, and many you are not if they are related.
    • Comment on a few entries every month, post presentations, accomplishments, 'Like' other area's posts.
    • Example of a professional's "Fan Page" - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-Carin-Bondar-Biologist-With-a-Twist/193162710726173

For Professional Achievements 

It's not an official launch until you've had a virtual 'ribbon cutting'!!!

  • Set a 'ribbon cutting date' at least a month ahead
    • Give it a memorable, keyword rich title
    • Reserve a room for a lecture, discussion, presentation, Q & A
    • Write the details out, notify University Relations
Once Details Are Set
More Information