Heather McMeekan, Webmaster

Basic Photo Editing 101 For Web Content

One of the greatest struggles in making a good web/social media presence is appropriate, attractive content.

Good photos for web pages:

  • are related to both the purpose of the web page and the target audience's interest
  • are of sufficient quality to look professional
  • are affordable
  • adhere to copyright laws

At WIU, we highly suggest obtaining photos from the Visual Production Center. Their photographers ensure no violations of copyright as well as good lighting, composition, and allegory (when appropriate.) The cost involved has excellent return on such an investment.

Basic steps for adding images in WIU's CMS, OmniUpdate

  1. Upload your image (.jpg or .jpeg, .gif, or .png)
  2. Insert your cursor to the far left of the line you wish the top of the photo to be aligned to
  3. Click on the 'insert image' button (mountain & sun) to select the image
  4. Add 'Description' unless purely decorative,
  5. Select right or left float, padding

Adding/editing photos in social media sites


Sources of photos for WIU Websites

  • Visual Production Center - a.k.a. "Visual Productions"
    • Departments and faculty/staff must request photo shoots, although sometimes photos will be available due to news usage
  • Amateur photographers
    • Quality varies
    • May capture distracting, inappropriate, or irrelevant content in the photo
  • From the web

Tips for Staging & Taking Photos

  • Prioritize your topic
  • Have as much light as possible
  • Try to get up close
  • Avoid 'talking heads' and other disinteresting topics
  • Ask students for their opinions
  • Have subjects sign the 'Model Release Form'
  • Ask photographers to 'save as hi-resolution'

NEVER use:

  • Any Disney figures
  • Competing logos/images without written permission

Photo Editing

The gold standard for photos is Adobe Photoshop, and someone with the training to use it.

  • Expensive
  • Takes time to learn it

Alternatives To Photoshop

For most pages, 'good enough' is better than nothing, but worse if the content is irrelevant or uninteresting.