Heather McMeekan, Webmaster

Getting Started On Facebook

Facebook usage is rapidly changing due to the monetizing of the software. The chance to "reach" any particular target audience by organic growth is greatly diminished. However, many guardians and parents are still engaged with Facebook.

Facebook posts rarely get seen unless they are "paid promotions" and this trend is likely to continue. Hence, unless a budget is put towards promotion, any departmental FB page is more likely to be a repository of information but is becoming less and less useful for outreach with the exception of Facebook Ads.

Facebook is a communication tool, just like the carrier pigeon, the telegraph, the pony express, the radio, the phone, the television, the fax, and the email. It's one of the possible outreach venues at your disposal in being able to keep in touch with people you care about.

ALL social media should be used with the understanding that your information:

  • is NEVER private
  • is always being data-mined for advertiser lists
  • has the potential 'reach' of thousands

Social media needs discerning adults to help shape the culture. 

Have a Self-Protective Mindset

  • Have firm boundaries in online communication. Decide your personal line of tolerance.
  • "Be the best of who you are, wherever you are."
  • Invite ONLY friends who support you and leave you feeling relaxed and happier
  • Ignore any invites from people you don't care for. It will hurt you (and them) less in the long run then doing a 'Pity Friending' and having to remove them later.
  • If a troll attacks you, block that person right away.
  • Never let anyone on social media rent free space in your head.


Images and videos will be shared far more than text and check-ins. It's worth the time to make good images if they're going to end up on social media.

Basic Terms

"Friend Me": When someone asks you to send them an invite to be friends.

Hashtags: words proceeded with a pound sign (#) which indicate a link to other users content about the topic. Example: #wiu #leatherneck #education

Mentions: Referencing a person, page, or profile when posting a status message. Type @ followed by the first few letters of a friend’s name. A drop-down menu appears, allowing you to select the friend. When posting the status, the mention links to that person’s profile and lands on his or her wall and newsfeed. People may turn off this feature if they wish to not be mentioned. For PAGES: When you write a status update or post multimedia content and include a mention, the content posts on both your page and the mentioned page.

Liking: Pressing the “Like” button. Indicates agreement with something about the post or person making the post.

Trolls: People who post deliberately misleading, inflammatory, mean, cruel, or off-topic responses to internet conversation for the sole purpose of provoking negative feelings in others. NEVER FEED THEM.

Sharing: Reposting content from another page, profile, or group, allowing your users & followers to see it.

Commenting: Responding to a post.