Heather McMeekan, Webmaster

Twitter Lists

Why make a twitter list? To help group people you follow by;

  • interests
  • geographic region

Definition: A grouping of users + a descriptive name.

  • 20 lists allowed per user
  • List names cannot begin with a numerical character
  • List names cannot exceed 25 characters
  • Maximum of 500 accounts on each list

Mentioning Lists (Source: https://support.twitter.com/articles/76460-how-to-use-twitter-lists )

You can link to any Twitter List by mentioning it as you would any Twitter user, just add a forward slash “/” followed by the list name to list owners username:

@/ (example: @Favstar/top-50-funny )

Note: Pick Your Name Well!!!! Renaming a list will break any links you've posted to that list.