Heather McMeekan, Webmaster

Twitter has a use for everyone

  • All tests are negative. Baby is FINE!!!!
  • System must be restarted and will be back up in 20 minutes.
  • We’re ALL FINE! No phone 4 a week. We’ll contact you asap. Love you all!
  • TOTAL SUCCESS!!! They got it all, clean margins!
  • Biopsy is negative. Details on fb page.
  • ACED that test!
  • GOT IT!!!!
  • Agreement has been reached. No layoffs. News release forthcoming.
  • It’s a GIRL!!! Both Mommy and baby are doing wonderful!!!
  • Baby on the way!!!
  • She gets to come home TODAY!!!
  • TWINS!!!
  • Got off cruise ship fine. Still going to enjoy rest of vacation. See you in 10 days!
  • Conflict is nowhere near me. Don't worry.