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Twitter & Higher Ed - The Basics

Twitter is a social media tool about relationships. Used well, twitter helps people and businesses build, enhance, educate, inform, and  keep in contact with followers. Used poorly, Twitter can create a public relations nightmare. [ Examples ]

Twitter Basics: https://www.hashtags.org/featured/twitter-for-beginners-basic-guidelines-before-you-start/

Basic Twitter Jargon [ View More ]

  • @name = A Twitter identity (account). Example: @WIU

  • # = A Hashtag Identifying a discussion topic. Example: #wiu

  • Tweet = A single message.

  • Follow = To lurk but not engage.

  • Re-Tweet = a.k.a. "RT" pushing out someone else's tweet to your followers

  • MT = Modified RT of someone else's tweet



Twitter Resources


Chats, Tweet-ups & Live Tweeting



Know Your Jargon

WIU On Twitter

Hashtags For WIU

  • #W1U
  • #WIU
  • #Rocky
  • #Necks
  • #Leathernecks