Homeland Security Research Program at Western Illinois University

About the Program

The Homeland Security Research Program (HSRP), based in the Department of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration (LEJA) of Western Illinois University (WIU), undertakes various activities, including: all facets of homeland security studies from the radicalization and recruitment of extremists/terrorists on the Internet, terrorism and law enforcement, and terrorism and business to the legal aspects of homeland security and homeland security technologies. The HSRP contributed to an online database of Illinois-based homeland security firms. HSRP is involved in organizing and participating in international and domestic seminars and forums on homeland security issues. The publication of homeland security-related analyses, media outreach, and an internship program are other facets of the HSRP. Additionally, the HSRP played a role in the creation of an undergraduate minor in Homeland Security at WIU. Dean C. Alexander, Associate Professor, Homeland Security in LEJA, serves as Director of the HSRP. http://www.wiu.edu/leja/Faculty_Staff/alexander.html

Prof. Alexander and Dr. Jamie L. Johnson of the Department of Health Sciences, http://www.wiu.edu/Health/Faculty/johnson.html, argue that since the U.S. government must be better adept at preventing and mitigating terrorists threats, a new institution, namely, the Homeland Security Intelligence Academy (HSIA), should be established. HSIA will provide a conveyor-belt of individuals educated and trained professionals to ultimately hold high-level homeland security and intelligence-related policy, operational, management, and staff positions in the U.S. government.

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Dean C. Alexander, J.D., LL.M. Director, Homeland Security Research Program Associate Professor, Homeland Security School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration Western Illinois University Stipes Hall 403H 1 University Circle Macomb, Illinois 61455 USA Tel: (309) 298-2120 Fax: (309) 298-2187 E-mail: DC-Alexander@wiu.edu