Human Resources

Employee Spotlight Cheryl McCulley

Cheryl McCulley

Staff Clerk
Human Resources

Sherry works in the Human Resource Department as a Staff Clerk. Sherry is the glue that keeps the department together! Sherry is a hard worker and supports the entire department which is located in four different physical locations. She is responsible for the budget and all financial transactions, tuition waivers, Civil Service Employment Verifications, and plans the annual Years of Service Recognition Reception. She scans all HR documents and works with the Laser Fiche Programs. She also serves as office support for the State University Annuitants Association.

Working in Human Resources for all of her 29 years at Western Illinois University, Sherry shares her WIU journey. “I began as a Trainee as a Word Processing Operator I. My first computer was a Wang, and it was HUGE!” (See photo of a similar computer). Sherry loves her job! She will tell you that she loves everything about her job and appreciates working in an office environment. She added, “WIU is a great place to work! There are good people to work with here. We all have to remember that our students are why we are here!”

Sherry credits her job as the catalyst for giving her more confidence. “I have gained so many skills through my experience. In turn, that helped build my confidence in my position. I learn something new every day!”

In her spare time, Sherry enjoys gardening, landscaping, canning, cooking, professional cake decorating, and spending time with her family.

HR salutes Cheryl McCulley as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!