Human Resources

Employee Spotlight Rose McCoy

Rose McCoy

Collection Specialist
Billing & Receivables Office

"The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake. You can't learn anything from being perfect!" –Adam Osborne

Rose works as a Collection Specialist in the Billing and Receivables Office. She began her career at Western Illinois University in April 2013 in the same position and department. Rose’s duties include answering the many phone calls that come into B&R, answering questions, setting up payment plans, and explaining the different processes of B&R. Rose is responsible for the incoming freshmen and attends the SOAR events to explain these processes. “I teach students how to read their bill,” Rose shares.

The journey to WIU for Rose came from ten years of collections and management experience. She shared, “A friend told me about the opening at Western, and I applied. All of my past experience in Customer Service has helped me so much. When I do collections, I’m compassionate and I help find a way to help our customers.” Rose enjoys working with the WIU students and their parents. “I enjoy the appreciation they give me…they’re so grateful. I love helping them learn. When I shut down my computer at night, it’s the students/parents that bring me back the next day.”

Rose has found so many knowledgeable people at Western. She has seen that when everyone gets together as a team, there are so many positive things that can happen. “There is so much good here!” One of Rose’s most memorable days, in her position, was when she spoke to someone who was a student at WIU, on and off for twenty years. She continued, “This student was working toward her second Master’s Degree. When she called I gave her information about her account. She told me that no one in 20 years had ever helped her so much. We save people a lot of time, effort, and money by advising them beyond their initial reason for calling our office.”

Rose credits Russ Hamm in her office as one individual that has helped her in her position at Western. “Russ has a positive and upbeat attitude. He is like a class clown in our office, sometimes. When things are tense he can always make us smile!”

When Rose is not working, she stays busy with any one of her many talents. Currently, she is beginning to create a bronze sculpture in honor of her son. She also enjoys gardening, golf, kayaking, and spending time with her family!

HR salutes Rose McCoy as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!