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Employee Spotlight Megan Nott

Megan Nott

Internal Auditor
Internal Auditing

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again. –Mom always told us this one!

Megan began her career at Western Illinois University in January 2017 as an Internal Auditor through the Intern program. In January 2017 she completed the Intern program. Part of Megan’s duties and responsibilities includes: performing audits of all departments on campus to ensure internal controls are operating properly, performing investigations when necessary, providing consulting for committees, and ensuring compliance. Megan began school at WIU in the spring of 2015. She worked as a student assistant in the Internal Auditing Office while she was in school.

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, Megan responded, “I like making sure that things are working properly. I like looking into things to find out where the problem is and then problem solving the situation.

Megan also encourages individuals to apply to Western. She shared, “Anything is possible. I never thought I would be here!” One of her most memorable experiences was the first time Megan spoke to a department on her own.

Megan credits her supervisor, Mike Sartorius for helping her in her career at Western. “He took a chance on me. He has helped me build my confidence a lot and has also helped me in the internal auditing field.”

In her free time, Megan enjoys spending time with her husband (just married on August 18th), painting, church activities, and working to complete her Master’s Degree in Accounting.

HR salutes Megan Nott as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!