Human Resources

Employee Spotlight John Weaver

John Weaver

Stationary Fireman Helper
Heating Plant

"Life is and will ever remain an equation incapable of solution, but it contains known factors." -Nicola Tesla

John Weaver began his career at WIU in September 2012 as a Stationary Fireman Helper in the Heating Plant. John spends most of his time working to learn the role of the Stationary Fireman. Some of John's duties include water testing in the lab, and learning how to fire the boilers, which produces steam for multiple uses at the university. The steam provides heat to the buildings on campus. When asked what he likes most about his job, John shares that he likes learning from veteran firemen, "They're approachable and helpful." He added, "Max is an excellent teacher and encourages us to learn more. I love that I am providing a service to the campus community!" John's advice for prospective employees is to try to educate yourself the best way you can, and "don't give up…it is a complicated process but well worth it in the end." John also commented, "Networking was important for me…I stayed in contact with those who had interviewed me in the past. I think that helped!" John's most memorable experience was watching the transition away from coal to natural gas and oil. John has an Associate's Degree in HVAC/R which he feels helped him with the terminology and some processes going in to his position. He said, "I have great co-workers that I can go to with questions, and I never have a problem getting answers. Max is good to quiz us on situational issues, which is helpful as well." John's favorite thing to do at WIU is to play golf at Harry Mussato Golf Course. When John isn't working, he enjoys spending time watching the Green Bay Packers, educating himself through reading, and watching Jeopardy!

HR salutes John Weaver as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!