Human Resources

Employee Spotlight Greg Phelps

Greg Phelps

Library Operations Associate
Malpass Library-Access Services

Greg began his career at Western Illinois University in March of 2000 as a Library Technical Assistant I in the Malpass Library and has progressively promoted to his current position, as a Library Operations Associate. Greg is responsible for opening and closing the library each day, he works at the public desk utilizing the inter-library loan, helps patrons with books on reserve, checking out materials, and is the general “nuts and bolts” of the library. Greg has worked in the library during his entire employment period. He was even a student worker in the library during the time he attended WIU!

Greg enjoys the fact that each day is different in his position and he enjoys working with the students. He shared, “My staff is off the charts! They are so fun to work with.” Greg went on to say, “WIU is a wonderful place to work…phenomenal…it’s a great family with great opportunities! Helping to influence students is rewarding. The positive atmosphere makes this a great place to work!”

Some of Greg’s most memorable experiences include the PAWS PAIL PROJECT which was a fundraising effort during the summer of 2008, generated through the Civil Service Employees Council. This effort raised $1,736.00 in donations, in just two weeks, from WIU employees, retirees, and Macomb citizens for the people living along the Mississippi River/Kewanee area who experienced a damaging flood. Wal-Mart aided in helping the council to buy cleaning supplies to fill 46 five-gallon buckets to donate to the clean-up efforts. Another highlight in Greg’s career was seeing the first group of his students graduate. Those were very proud moments!

Greg credits Tim Sheridan as someone that has helped him in his career at Western. “I learned a lot from Tim! He was a big inspiration to me. He is a very positive person and VERY pro WIU!”

Giving back is a big part of what Greg does at Western, more specifically, to the library. Greg enjoys graphic novels and through a grant, he began a collection of these novels. When the grant funding ran out, Greg kept donating to the collection, on his own. Currently, Greg has donated over 765 items/books to the Malpass Library. (Shown in his photo with the next group of his donated books.)

Greg is often the smiling face you see when you walk into the library. When he is not there, you can find him lending his talents and abilities to his community in many ways. For 24 years, Greg did sports broadcasting for the Illini West schools for WCAZ radio in Carthage, he served on the Colchester Summer Ball Board, and he coached baseball and softball. Greg also enjoys gardening in his spare time and makes a fabulous homemade salsa…75-100 pints each year. He also loves to find unusual peppers and pumpkins. You may have seen some of his unusual pumpkins that he grew, in the library this fall!

HR salutes Greg Phelps as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!