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Employee Spotlight Judy Woodside

Judy Woodside

Registrar's Office

"Treat people the way you would want to be treated."

Judy Woodside began her career at Western Illinois University in March 2008 as a Clerical Assistant in the Document & Publication Services (DPS) Department. She was promoted to a Clerk in July 2012 and works in the front office of the Registrar’s Office, currently. Judy’s duties include: greeting customers, answering questions, and helping her customers any way she can. She enjoys helping at the graduation ceremonies, too!

Yeast Printing was her work home for 24 years before coming to WIU in 2008. DPS was the perfect spot for her. When Judy started at WIU, she had never used a computer, ever. She shared, “Phyllis told me that she would teach me, and I learned. I had much to learn and the staff in the Registrar’s Office were all so patient and helpful!” Judy loves interacting with people and she is right at home on the front line, where the action is!

Judy has had many positive experiences as an employee of Western. “People involved are so helpful and friendly. The benefits are exceptional, and there are many opportunities to advance.” Judy credits Pam Mainland with helping her through the application process. She added, “If it weren’t for Pam, I probably wouldn’t have tested at WIU!”

During her spare time, Judy enjoys spending time with her family!

HR salutes Judy Woodside as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!