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Employee Spotlight Jerel Jones

Jerel Jones

Police Officer/Detective
Office of Public Safety

Jerel began his career at Western Illinois University in May 2007 as a Police Officer in the Office of Public Safety, a position he currently holds. As a detective within the Office of Public Safety, Jerel investigates university and community-related criminal offenses. He is assigned to the Office of Public Safety general criminal investigations and has been a part of the McDonough County Drug Task Force since 2013.

Beginning his journey as an undergraduate student from Chicago, Jerel graduated with a degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration in May 2007. It was at that time Jerel joined the Office of Public Safety, now celebrating 12 years as a Police Officer and currently completing his master degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration.

Jerel enjoys helping others and being a positive role model to students and juveniles in the Macomb community. To prospective and current employees, Jerel shares his belief that regardless of the current challenges in our state, WIU is a wonderful community and remains at the forefront of higher education.

Working in investigations and serving with Sarah Worthington and Kalib McGruder, Jerel's "work family", provides for many memorable experiences while on duty. For Jerel, Lieutenant McGruder has remained an integral part of his success at the Office of Public Safety, in addition to his academic mentors Dr. Myers, Dr. Meloni, and Dr. Austin.

One of Jerelís favorite WIU pastimes was bowling on campus at the University Union, he hopes one day the lanes will re-open! When not working you can find Jerel spending family time with his wife, children and mother-in-law, and enjoying the blessing of fellowship with his church family.

HR salutes Jerel Jones as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!