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Employee Spotlight Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson

Grounds Worker
Facilities Management - Grounds

"Enjoy life and don't let the little things bother you!"

Michael Robinson works as a Grounds Worker in the Grounds Department. Mike began his career at WIU in July 2012. Mike's responsibilities include maintaining and mowing the athletic fields in preparation for the games/events. He also performs general maintenance in the garage area of the Physical Plant—working on mowers and equipment. Mike enjoys working outside, as he worked for many years in the golf course industry. "Working on the Grounds crew at WIU is similar to maintaining the golf course grounds," he said. Mike enjoys the people he works with. "They are pleasant and willing to help. They ask for my opinions and I give input when asked. I enjoy my job here." One of his most memorable experiences was the winter snow storms this past year. "One instance, the snow was so bad, that I stayed in town so I would be here to work the following day to help remove the snow." Mike shared that his two supervisors have been very helpful in his job. "They have guided me and showed me around, and I appreciated their concern for the safety aspects of the job." Baseball and football games are some favorite events that Mike has enjoyed at WIU. When he is not helping our campus look beautiful, you will find him on the back roads in his convertible, or boating and golfing; as well as spending time with his family!

HR salutes Michael Robinson as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!