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Employee Spotlight Carla Oliver

Carla Oliver

Office Manager
Intercollegiate Athletics

"I have an eagle in me that wants to soar, but I also have a hippopotamus that wants to wallow in the mud."
-Carl Sandburg

Carla works as an Office Manager in Intercollegiate Athletics. Carla began her career at WIU in January 2000 as a Secretary III. She was promoted to her current position in May 2006. Carla's primary responsibilities include providing support to the Director of Athletics for 20 NCAA Competitive Sports, as well as assisting all coaches with the contracts for the games. She strives to help meet the goal of ensuring the best possible student-athlete experience possible. One of the things Carla enjoys most about her job is the team atmosphere, "Even the university itself has team spirit! I work closely with Business Services and Academic Personnel frequently, and I think of us as a team. Another important part of our team is the wonderful Graduate Assistants we have…they are so good!" Speaking to prospective employees, Carla shared, "My biggest regret is not starting here sooner, I wish I had started here sooner. It's a great place to be!" Her most memorable experience was obtaining her Bachelor's degree and then Carla went on to graduate with her Master's Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences. When asked to share something that has helped her in her job, Carla responded, "The support of the department and the university…I never feel like I'm on my own, I always have support from co-workers and university personnel." Carla is not the only Leatherneck in her family…her daughter Rebekah graduated from WIU in 2001, and her son, Ryan is currently a student at the QC Campus. When she is not attending the many athletic events to ensure all is going smoothly, Carla enjoys reading and researching information she has studied, serves as the Clerk for the Village of Roseville, and loves spending time with family and friends.

HR salutes Carla Oliver as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!