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Employee Spotlight Annette Hamm

Annette Hamm

Office Manager
Faculty Senate

"We don't have time, we make time!"
- Author unknown

Annette works as an Office Manager for the Faculty Senate. She began her career at WIU in October 1985 as a Secretary III in Broadcast and Educational Communication Services. Annette serves as an integral partner in the Faculty Senate unit. "I try to anticipate what their needs will be and find ways to take some of their load off…to do anything I can to help make their jobs easier…sometimes that involves building a data base, or tracking things for them, it can be almost anything." When asked what she enjoys most about her job, she eagerly responded, "Going to Faculty Senate meetings! It's like the 'Big Game,' all the rest is preparation for the meetings. I enjoy the dialogue between participants. It's exciting to see how the members want to make the university better. Every single person there cares and wants to make the university a better place for our students." Annette's most memorable experience involves seeing three of her four children attending and being involved in WIU (one daughter is still in high school)—they all serve in many various leadership roles. "I know that they will take what they have learned here and pay it forward!"

Annette described some of the things that were very helpful to her in her job: "My predecessor had created an unbelievable procedure manual. When I began, the person in my position before me had already left, and with no overlap for training purposes that manual was extremely helpful! I hope to do that for the next person that comes after me, as well. I have also enjoyed some very unbelievably supportive supervisors. They have always supported me in any way possible, and I very much appreciate that!"

One of Annette's favorite things to attend at WIU is theatre productions/plays. She also enjoys reading very much! She then added, "And anything involving my kids! I love to go to their events/ceremonies!"

HR salutes Annette Hamm as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!