Human Resources

Employee Spotlight Sara Featherlin

Sara Featherlin

Chief Clerk
University Housing and Dining Services-Graduate and Family Housing

"There's yesterday, it's a memory…learn from it. There's tomorrow, it's a wish…hope for it. There's today, it's a gift…be thankful for it." - Donny Wahlberg

Sara works as a Chief Clerk in the University Housing and Dining Services-Graduate/Family Housing Department at WIU. Sara began her career at WIU in May 2007. Sara's main responsibilities include adding and removing funds for student meal plans, processing refunds to students when they leave campus, assigning keys to staff members for residence halls, and assign and revoke access control to Corbin/Olson Halls. When asked what she likes most about her job, she shares, "Dealing with our students…I love to hear their stories. I have met many people who have become good friends here." She also states her department as a favorite part of her job. "Our department is like a family to me, they provide wonderful support anytime it is needed!" Information to prospective employees from Sara would include, "WIU is a great place to work! There is opportunity to advance, to work in an area of interest to you, and the educational benefit is something everyone should take advantage of. The people at WIU are so friendly!" One of Sara's memorable experiences occurred this past May. "I graduated with my Master's Degree, and when I came into the office that day, my supervisors had decorated my office, gave me a gift, and they even attended my graduation to cheer me on as I walked across the stage. It was very special to me!" One characteristic that has helped Sara in her job is her empathy toward others. "I relate to people well, I try to put myself in their shoes. Good supervisors have also helped greatly!" Some of Sara's favorite WIU events to attend include the Leatherneck Football Games, and the Theatre productions. When Sara isn't in her office, you will find her spending time with her five nieces and two nephews. She is also a huge follower of the "New Kids on the Block"…she saw them six times this summer!

HR salutes Sara Featherlin as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!