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Employee Spotlight Carmen Pittman

Carmen Pittman

Office Manager
School of Nursing

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." -C.S. Lewis

Carmen works as an Office Manager in the School of Nursing in Currens Hall. Carmen began her career at WIU in August 2008 as an Office Support Specialist. She has successfully promoted to her current position. Carmen has had the unique opportunity to be involved with a brand new school/program start-up at WIU, since its inception in the fall of 2008. Very few people have enjoyed the challenge and satisfaction of being part of beginning a new program where one did not exist before! Carmen works as the coordinator of the School of Nursing activities. She shares, "Most everything gets channeled through me in some way. I help make the department run smoothly, and provide information to students and parents." The school is governed by three different agencies, and they must meet the standards and requirements of those agencies. Carmen helps to ensure compliance with these agencies. When asked what she enjoyed most about her job, Carmen responded, "I like the variety and the challenges—I do everything from the web site to meeting with students and parents as part of the recruiting of the program, I enjoy serving as a resource for our students, and I love the faculty here. I have enjoyed being a part of nursing in a non-medical way. These students will be taking care of us someday, being a part of that is exciting!" Carmen's most memorable experience centered around the program start up—being a part of growing the program from nothing, and having it happen so quickly! Carmen explains, "Dr. Monahan was able to navigate state laws and requirements quickly to create the program. I enjoyed the challenge that brought. To accomplish something like this, you need a vision of the big picture so the small details will accomplish that big picture." Carmen credits different groups of people who have been instrumental in helping her do her job. "I have been able to tap into people all over campus. Dr. Monahan and the faculty here are always available to help me. Employees at Facilities Management, Telecommunications, Information Technology-U-Tech, CITR—all of these areas have helped so much!" Carmen enjoys many things that WIU has to offer, such as: The Rec Center, COFAC for concerts—"I love going to the symphony, I appreciate the music directors that go out into the surrounding communities to direct high school students and work with them at contests." When Carmen is at home, she enjoys spending time with her family (3 grown sons), their four dogs: Saddie, Sydney, Bear, and Tally on their small farm; along with horses and katahdin sheep they raise.

HR salutes Carmen Pittman as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!