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Employee Spotlight Jennifer Scott

Jennifer Scott

Grants & Contracts Administrator I
Sponsored Projects

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass…It's about learning to dance in the rain."- —most recently attributed to Vivian Greene

Jennifer works as a Grants and Contracts Administrator I in the Sponsored Projects Department. She began working at WIU (for the second time period) in March 2011 in this position, and also worked previously in the Financial Aid Office and Non-Credit Programs. Some of Jennifer's responsibilities include: assisting faculty members who have current active sponsored projects, in the administration of grants and negotiating the award documents; serving as the liaison between the faculty members and the sponsoring agency, and the financial reporting required by the agency. Jennifer shared the thing she enjoys most about her job is the people she works with, "I like working with all the different types of people. We have a great team in our office, many people in Sherman Hall, the faculty and their assistants, and the agency representatives are all enjoyable to work with." When asked what advice she would share with prospective WIU employees, she responded, "WIU is a great place to work. It took me awhile to figure that out. I previously worked in Non-Credit Programs and Financial Aid and I enjoyed both of my positions in both of those offices. However, I was young and thought there would be better opportunities out there, so I left the university. Needless to say, I found the grass wasn't greener. I realized there were many things I missed about WIU. It took time and persistence to get back, but I was able to return. I'm thankful for the path that led me here and I am happy in my position. So, I would say to be persistent and eventually the right position will come along." "Each department has been so willing to help me, to teach me. We have gone through several staff changes and there were many resources available to help me during that time as well." Jennifer stays busy with her 13 and 9 year old children as they are involved in many sporting activities.

HR salutes Jennifer Scott as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!