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Employee Spotlight Jan Detrick

Jan Detrick

Communications Services Specialist II
Telecommunications Services

"Laughter is the best medicine."

Jan works in the Telecommunications Services Department as a Communications Services Specialist II. Jan began her career here in 1985 as a Secretary II in the then Industrial Education & Technology Dept. (currently Engineering Technology Dept.). She left the university for a few years and returned in 1996 to an Extra-Help position until she was hired Part-Time in the then Westel Telecommunications Services Dept. in 1998. In April 2000, Jan was promoted to a Chief Clerk, and in 2004 she began working in her position, full-time. She has been in the Telecommunications Services area for 18 years! Jan's primary duties include providing Telecommunications Services for all Administrative employees, billing departments for telephone services, producing budget reports, and maintaining the fax server. When asked what she likes most about her job, she is quick to respond, "The people I work with are like my family. We have all worked together for 15 plus years!" One of Jan's most memorable experiences was when they installed the telephone switch. "This allowed the university, in essence, to become its own telephone company, rather than to rely on GTE at that time." Jan's journey to WIU began when her mom, Lucille Kepple, who was already a WIU employee, encouraged her to apply. "I began part-time and even worked extra-help for a period of time. Don't be afraid to take an extra-help position, it can often lead to a permanent position." Some of Jan's favorite functions to attend at Western currently are those that involve her youngest daughter, a WIU student. "She was in the Heritage Ensemble last year, and involved in the International Bazaar. This year we are excited to become an International Neighbor!" If you stop in to see Jan and she happens to be out for a day or two, she will probably be with her first grandchild, Olivia—only a couple of weeks old! Jan also enjoys spending time with their church activities and babysitting for friends' children (grandma practicing, right?)!

HR salutes Jan Detrick as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!