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Employee Spotlight Julie Terstriep

Julie Terstriep

Business Manager I
Campus Recreation

"If you know history, you know there is no such thing as a self-made man or self-made woman. We are shaped by people we have never met." -David McCullough

Julie works in the Campus Recreation Dept. as a Business Manager I. Julie began her WIU career in 1981 as a Clerk III in the Theatre Dept., left in 1983, then returned in 1997 to Campus Recreation where she currently works. Her primary duties involve all things relating to money and finances for the department: budgeting, paying bills, transferring of funds, purchasing equipment, and a student employment budget for approximately 100 student employees. When asked what she enjoys most about her position, Julie replied, "The interaction with the students…I like to see their growth. Many come in as freshmen and are a bit unsure of many things. Throughout their time here they grow into a motivated, skilled, and confident person often mentoring other new students. I have made life-long connections with many of our students." Julie's advice for prospective employees is that WIU is a great place to work. "I have a very fulfilling job. The environment encourages life-long learning. Three quarters of my undergraduate degree and all of my Master's Degree were done while I worked at WIU."

One of Julie's most memorable moments is when students return to visit after they have graduated. "I love to hear their stories about how someone at WIU impacted their lives. This is what makes WIU stand out." Julie's WIU journey began even before she was born! She shares, "My mom worked at WIU for one of the Vice Presidents before I was born. I came here in 1981 in the Theatre Department, left in 1983, then returned in 1997 to Campus Rec. I grew up in Macomb and knew a lot of people that worked here. My parents have had a student worker work for them on their farm since 1967, so we were always around WIU students and employees." Julie stays busy in her spare time officiating Volleyball, helping with their family farm, reading and enjoying historical research. She loves to spend time with her family—both of her children and husband are Western grads!

HR salutes Julie Terstriep as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!