Human Resources

Employee Spotlight Christie Hughes

Christie Hughes

Chief Clerk
Parking Services

"A positive attitude and a smile go a long way!"

Christie is one of the smiling faces in Parking Services that greets you when you enter the door! She serves the department as a Chief Clerk, a title with many responsibilities! Distributing parking permits to faculty, staff, students, and visitors is a large part of Christie's position. She has the opportunity to explain to her customers the parking regulations and where to park on campus. She also processes citations that are issued. Christie sites working with her co-workers as what she likes most about her job. She shared, "They have an upbeat attitude and that helps keep us all positive. Lance Johnston is my supervisor and he is always positive and supportive!" One of Christie's most memorable experiences involved a student who had been issued a citation, and came in upset. "The student had missed class and was visibly upset. I was able to calm her down and help her through the situation." Christie's WIU journey began in 2012 when she first began taking the Civil Service employment tests. She explained, "I had always heard how hard it was to get a job at WIU, but I was determined, and I took every test that I qualified for. An opportunity came through the Intern Program and I was hired as a Parking Services Assistant." Christie is a believer that hard work pays off, and she puts that belief into action as she is taking three online classes through the Bachelors of General Studies Degree Program this semester! When she is not studying or helping you in Parking Services, Christie likes to spend time with her family and take weekend get-away trips!

HR salutes Christie Hughes as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!