Human Resources

Employee Spotlight Sheryl Harty

Sheryl Harty

Admissions and Records Representative
Graduate Studies

Sheryl works in the Graduate Studies Department as an Admissions and Records Representative. She began her career at WIU in June 2013 in the same department. Sheryl is one of the first employees you will visit with if you are a prospective Graduate Student needing information about attending WIU. Sheryl meets with prospective students and explains the process for applying as well as answers any questions they have. Sheryl credits her coworkers as what she enjoys most about her job. "Together we help each other to help our students." Sheryl's WIU journey began while she was a student here. She worked at a job previous to her employment at WIU for eight years, and felt she wanted a change. She explains, "I interviewed twice in one week and I was offered this job, and this was the one that I wanted!" One thing that helped Sheryl in her job was her previous experience with data bases. She had to switch from one system to another, but for her, it was an easy transition. Sheryl enjoys taking ceramics classes on campus, and in her free time she enjoys combining two of her amazing artistic talents: gardening and photography! If you are in her office sometime, you will see photographs she has captured of the beautiful flowers she has grown!

HR salutes Sheryl Harty as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!