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Employee Spotlight Sandy Huston

Sandy Huston

Staff Nurse II
Beu Health Center

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." --Abraham Lincoln

Sandy works at Beu Health Center as a Staff Nurse II. She began her career at WIU in September 2007. She is responsible for caring for and teaching students about their health. She provides student patient care. One of her favorite parts of her job includes helping her patients. She likes to see their faces light up when she can give them positive encouragement. She shares, "One way I encourage them is to let them know how good it was for them to come to the health center. I like to remind them how important their education is and that no one can ever take that away from them." When asked if she would share one of her most memorable moments, Sandy recalled this experience. "I will never forget the day one of our international students sincerely invited me to go home with her on break to visit and meet her family. She felt that the care she had received at WIU while she was ill was wonderful, and wanted me to meet her family. It was a warm and joyful invitation, and I felt honored that she asked. Our common factor was not our language, but our smiles!" Sandy credits a special mentor, Betty Myers, for encouraging her to obtain her BSN of Nursing many years ago. She indicated that this was definitely something that has helped her in her current position. She continued, "I am proud that WIU now offers that program, so that I can tell students how beneficial their education is. I have been an RN, BSN for 33 years, in many different jobs. All of these positions helped to develop me as the nurse I have become." Sandy's WIU journey began with her grandmother who graduated from WIU before it was WIU, and taught school. Her mother graduated from WIU, and even in her later years with her memory fading rapidly, she could still name every building on campus and Lake Ruth. Two of Sandy's four children graduated from WIU and her youngest plans to transfer here soon. Her home and family are definitely full of Leathernecks!

Sandy enjoys attending the annual Agricultural/Mechanization Show and the Balloon Rally weekend on campus. In her spare time she enjoys going home to the family farm and helping her husband raise cattle and grain. She feels blessed to have her children and three grandchildren close by. She also enjoys gardening, traveling, biking, and cooking!

HR salutes Sandy Huston as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!