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Beu Health Center and Student Health Insurance

Beu Health Center is a medical clinic located on campus.  Services provided include preventative care, injury care, illness care, vaccinations, allergy shots, pharmacy, x-ray, and insurance.  Beu Health Center is your primary health care facility while you are on campus. 

Who can use Beu Health Center services? Beu Health Center

  • All students taking nine (9) class hours or more on the Macomb campus are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Program, unless proof of comparable coverage is provided (have to fill out waiver).
  • Coverage for spouses and children may be available for an additional fee and must be paid directly to Academic HealthPlans (not billed to the student’s account).

How do I make an appointment?

  • Call 309-298-1888 or use the online patient portal at (the portal also has the receipts for insurance and appointment verification for class, immunization records, etc.).

When do I go to Beu Health Center?

  • Go to Beu if you are sick or have a minor emergency.
  • Open: Monday – Friday (8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)

What if Beu Health Center is closed?

  • For a minor emergency go to:
  • For a major emergency go to:
    • McDonough District Hospital (an accredited trauma center and the closest 24-hour emergency service)
      • 525 E. Grant St. in Macomb
      • General Phone: 309-833-4101
      • Emergency Phone: 309-837-450
      • For a life-threatening emergency:
        • Dial 9-1-1 and an ambulance will be sent to your location.

Go to the Emergency Room (ER) for major emergencies only!  WIU health insurance may not cover your ER visit if it is not a major emergency.


  • Most services at Beu Health Center do cost money, but your health insurance will pay you back for some or all of the cost.  If you do not pay at the time of service, the amount will be automatically billed to your student account.  It may take the insurance company several weeks to credit the amount on your student account.  

Can I get prescriptions at Beu?

  • Yes, and they are covered 100% with the WIU student health insurance.


Student Health Insurance

National Guardian Life Insurance Company is the health insurance provider for WIU students.  If you have any questions, please visit or call the Student Health Insurance office at 309-298-1882 for more information.  The Student Health Insurance office is located in the Lower Level of Beu Health Center.

For students with WIU health insurance, the following services at Beu Health Center are covered at 100% (free):

  1.     Immunizations at Beu Health Center are covered at 100%.
  2.     Doctor visits at Beu Health Center are covered at 100%.
  3.     Prescriptions received at Beu Health Center are covered at 100%.
  4.     Lab and x-rays received at Beu Health Center are covered at 100%.

Student health insurance will usually cover emergency medical charges from a participating provider when Beu Health Center is closed.  No referral is necessary. 

For a full list of benefits, visit the following website:


Health Insurance Waiver

A student may cancel WIU health insurance if they have adequate insurance and meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a policy deductible of $1500 or less or an office visit co-pay of $25 or less.
  • Your coverage must pay benefits at 70% or greater.
  • Your coverage must be effective during your enrollment dates at WIU.
  • Your policy maximum must be unlimited.
  • The health insurance company must be based in the United States.

The coverage dates for spring must be January 1- July 31.  The coverage dates for fall must be August 1 - January 31.


How do I waive the insurance?

  • You must complete the online waiver at the following link: Your WIU ID# is the login and the password is your birthdate – MMDDYYYY.  You have to wait 48 hours after you enroll in classes to attempt the login process.

When is the waiver deadline?

  • The deadline for each semester is the 10th day of class.  Waivers must be filed each academic year (once a year).  

If I waive the insurance, do I have to pay when I go to Beu Health Center?

  • Yes, you will be responsible for paying the charges on your student account.  You will need to fill out a claim with your insurance company to be paid back.