WESL Short-Term Programs

WESL Institute will create special Short-Term ESL programs according to the needs of your students - any time during the year and for any length of study. Programs are specifically designed to meet your students' academic, social, and cultural needs by integrating class work with cultural experiences. Previously, we have been happy to arrange short trips to local destinations such as Springfield, IL; St. Louis, MO; and Chicago, IL. Other activities during the students' short-term stay may include local farm visits, attending a university class, conversation meetings with university students, attending WIU events and activities, and participating in American holiday celebrations.

Previous Short-term Programs:

Shanghai Donghai Vocational Technical College (China)              Proyecta 100,000 (Mexico)
Shanghai Donghai fall 2016 Proyecta summer 2015

Gwangju University (South Korea)                                                   Nantong Normal College
Gwangju summer 2016 (2) Nantong Normal College summer 2016 new       

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If you would like to learn more about short-term ESL programming, please contact us.