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In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.
- Eric Hoffer

Hugging Kids.

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Using Resources Suggested by ITLC Online

This site contains links to sites we believe to be reputable, contain useful information, and are safe for persons interested in Early Childhood Education issues.

The staff of ITLC online, the Center for Best Practices at Western Illinois University, and the US Department of Education do not control content kept on other sites. As such, we make no promises as to the veracity or appropriateness of the content; accept no liability/responsibility for inappropriate content or use of such information by viewers; provide no support for these sites in updating/correcting errors. We advise all viewers to fact check and check the appropriateness themselves before following any advice or suggestions.

Product Recommendations

The staff members of the Center for Best Practices and our affiliated personnel evaluate products as needed to provide tools to parents and educators to be used to provide education/training of the highest quality.

Products recommended on this site and by our staff/affiliates are believed to be appropriate when used according to the guidelines by the manufacturers. ITLC online, the Center for Best Practices Staff and affiliates accept no liability/responsibility for use of these products. Any questions, issues, concerns should be addressed to the respective manufacturer.

Product/Resource Review Guidelines

We accept no unsolicted products for review. We do not accept unsolicted emails requesting product/resource reviews, including web sites.

If you have a product you believe to be of value to our target population, and you would like to have us review your product, you must submit a request, in writing, to the Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education at Western Illinois University.

If accepted, the product becomes the property of the Center, regardless of whether or not a recommendation is made. If your product/resource is deemed appropriate, you will be notified in writing no less than 12 weeks from the date the product/resource is submitted.


The terms included in our glossary are terms used throughout our site. If you have a term you think should be included, please contact us.

View ITLC Glossary of Terms

Articles & Book Resources

The resources about books have been compiled for use by educators, parents, administrators, and others interested in early childhood education. The files are in Adobe PDF format.

View Book Resources

Family Information Resources

The resources for families include suggestions for literacy activities, online resources for supporting information.

View Family Resources

Children's Books

The resources about books have been compiled in Adobe PDF format by topic.

View Children's Books

Literacy News

The latest news area contains information relevent to discussion topics in our workshops.

View Literacy News

Software Resources

The Software & Equipment resources include sites which offer software, software evaluation websites, and sites about HyperStudio.

View Software & Equipment Resources

Technology News

Technology News offers information regarding recent product reviews, updates, and other items of interest in using technology with young children.

View Tech News


Organizations which are listed in this website offer content which relates to Early Childhood Literacy in general or provides content specific to the topics in the workshops.

View Organizations


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