iTunes U

iTunes U

Apple will be discontinuing iTunes U private sites on September 1, 2015. If anyone needs content that's stored in iTunes U, it needs to be retrieved before then.

In August 2007, Western Illinois University partnered with Apple® to deliver supplemental programming to courses, campus events, guest lectures and athletics via iTunes®. The design phase of Western's iTunesU initiative has been completed and the implementation phases are ready to launch.

Podcasts, or online subscriptions, are typically free of charge audio, Picture of opening iTunes U screenshotvideo and photo enhanced programming. They provide listeners with anytime, anywhere access to a wide variety of information, ranging from education to entertainment.

Western's podcasting initiative is designed to provide students with 24-7 portable access to countless instructional materials; and to allow faculty to develop, publish and distribute audio- and video-enhanced curriculum.

Podcasting via iTunesU provides a convenient, subscription-based model for distributing course content. It makes course content mobile and supports anytime, anywhere learning. Students can subscribe to your course and have that content automatically downloaded as soon as you make it available.

Because it is user friendly, the iTunesU service will allow WIU students, faculty and staff and community members access* to audio and video podcasts that are organized into five areas:

  • Courses
  • Explore Western (campus, college, department events; guest lectures; campus tours; etc.)
  • Alumni and Friends
  • Athletics and
  • Professional Development

 Engaging and collaborative, iTunesU service opens a new chapter in teaching, learning and living at Western Illinois University. Innovative content can be uploaded daily to continue to expand the iTunesU experience.

If you are interested in podcasting your course, news, events or guest lectures, please contact the IMM Lab in Horrabin Hall 104 by calling (309) 298-3076 for training.

*If you are a student or faculty member at Western with a disability that may require an accommodation in order for you to fully utilize this service, please contact the Equal Opportunity & Access office at (309) 298-1977.